Marina Sula

It’s a feeling.

Born in Lezhe, Albania, Marina Sula graduated from the University of Vienna with a degree in history of art and then attended the city's Academy of Fine Arts. She currently lives and works in Vienna.

She has participated in a total of eight exhibitions since 2014 (4 of them solo) in Albania, Austria, and Italy. Her work focuses on installations and includes spatial installations, photographs, sculptures and abstract digital drawings, made with the fingertips of the artist’s hand onto her mobile device and translated into abstract drawings. Her exhibition “Soft Power,” at the Gabriele Senn Galerie in Vienna at the end of 2016, was acclaimed for her use of strategies of advertising, social media performance and affectionate proximity on such wellness rituals as body cleansing to dissolve differences between an inside and outside, privacy and exposure.

Marina Sula: Soft Power Gabriele Senn Galerie, basement 13.09.2016 – 15.10.2016
Ulrich Nausner