Step 2025

Step 2025 is a project by the city of Vienna. As a fast growing city the intention was to publish the future plans and realised projects within a publication. PEACH were booked as freelance art directors to design the report. After thorough research we realised that most of the city’s publication seemed rather dull, unemotional and outdated in appearance. We wanted to create a report that was supposed to involve the audience, capture their attention and also give them a reason to read throughout. Therefore, we planned to show the real side of Vienna and interview the people of the city from all aspects of life. Unfortunately, we did not win the pitch as it seemed too much effort for the people responsible.

Nonetheless, we are proud of this specific project as it shows that even a rather less interesting report can be turned into something that draws the reader into an experience.

Client: Men on the Moon
Photos: We allowed ourselves to borrow the pictures of Daniel Gebhardt de Koekkoek, Andreas Jakwerth and Philip Forstner for the layouts. They can be sure that we would have used all of them if we would have won.
Note: The work shown is a pitch presentation. The pictures used were only used for this purpose and the agency does not own any rights.