Café Heuer am Karlsplatz

The new tenants of the café at Kunsthalle Karlsplatz asked for a new corporate branding. They anticipated cheekiness, originality as the cuisine they planned to present was supposed to do the same.
The name of the place was intentionally called "Heuer am Karlsplatz". In English it means "Today at Karlsplatz" as to focus on the fact that they fresh products.

To establish the name as a brand we decided to focus on the name as it led to a lot of possibilities to create funny puns and combined it with playful typography. This was important to us as we were not always in control of the pictures selected. Each medium used had to create the same impact regardless of the topic.

Our research showed that the target groups were interested in humor. Furthermore, it would certainly reflect the atmosphere and culinary attitude of the café. The future cooperation found great resonance but lacked of fundings. 

Client: HEUER BetriebsgesellschaftmbH